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Who Is Ian in The Quarry? Answered

Who Is Ian in The Quarry? Answered

Who Is Ian in The Quarry? Answered

Poor, poor Ian.

The Quarry gives you some answers as you play through the game, but some things it leaves up to you to find. Due to this, it’s possible you don’t know anything about Ian. So, we’re here to answer exactly who Ian is in the Quarry.

Who is Ian in The Quarry?

In the prologue of The Quarry, you’ll end up in the cellar under the camp’s lodge. To progress this scene, Laura will walk forward and automatically pick up a collar that has the name ‘Ian’ on it. She’ll also spot a nearby carcass that something really ripped into. However, no one mentions it from there at all.

Whiteboard message to Ian.
Image Source: Supermassive Games

Later in chapter ten when Kaitlyn will be able to free-roam around the lodge, head upstairs into the classroom. On the whiteboard at the front of the room will be a drawing. If you interact with it, you’ll see that the drawing is a rest in peace message to Ian, the camp’s sheep mascot.

The message reads “RIP Ian, we hardly knew ewe.” If Dylan is alive with Kaitlyn, she will explain to him further that Ian died sometime before camp even started this year.

There you have it, that’s exactly who Ian is in The Quarry. If you’re looking for more guides to help you survive The Quarry, we have guides on keeping characters such as Ryan and Kaitlyn alive.

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