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What Is The Quarry Game About?

The Quarry In-Universe Podcast Episode 2

What Is The Quarry Game About?

The haunting story of Hackett’s Quarry.

If you’ve been browsing the internet recently, you may have seen or heard about The Quarry. Since a lot of mystery surrounds this major title, it may be hard to understand the game’s storyline. But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is a brief summary of what The Quarry is about.

The Quarry Storyline

The Quarry tells the story of nine camp counselors as they try to survive one frightful night. Set in the deep forests of upstate New York, each character faces terrifying supernatural elements, such as strange creatures and apparitions. On top of this, vicious hunters painted in blood roam around the area for an unknown reason.

We start at Hackett’s Quarry, a camp run by Chris Hackett. The summer has ended, and the counselors are saying their farewells as they are about to leave. But unfortunately, their mode of transportation is broken, and they are stranded for one more night.

The teenagers use this as an opportunity to celebrate since no adults or kids are present. However, when the party begins, they soon realize they are not alone in the secluded woods.

The rest of the story is up to you. Will you save everyone in The Quarry? Or will each character meet their horrible demise?

Now that you know what The Quarry is about, you can decide if you want to play this game. Those who need tips and tricks can also check out our guides, including how to keep all counselors alive. For more of The Quarry content, explore the relevant links below.

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