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How to Unlock All Legends in Apex Legends Mobile


How to Unlock All Legends in Apex Legends Mobile

There are a number of differences between the mobile version of Apex Legends when compared to the game on PC and console. One of those slight differences comes in the way that you unlock characters to fill the roster. If you’re having trouble figuring things out, here’s how to unlock all Legends in Apex Legends Mobile.

How to Get All Characters in Apex Legends Mobile

To unlock all Legends, first, you’ll need to level up. this can be done just like in the other version of the game — by playing any and all game modes to earn experience points that go towards your overall player level.

The standard Legends will unlock at specific levels in this game, and you’ll need to reach level 24 to add them all to the roster.

Apex Legends Mobile Player Level Rewards

The only outliers are Octane and the new mobile-exclusive Legend, Fade. These two need to be purchased by opening up the store and heading over to the Legends tab on the right side of the screen, as shown in the image below.

Apex Legends Mobile Fade Store

This store is also where you’ll find plenty of cosmetics, packs, and other items to purchase and customize your profile and visual experience with.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock all Legends in Apex legends Mobile. Make sure to search Twinfinite to find more of our coverage of the game, including our review, Fade’s list of abilities, and how to switch to third-person mode.

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