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When Is the Overwatch 2 Beta Start Time?

Overwatch Beta 2

When Is the Overwatch 2 Beta Start Time?

The long-awaited Overwatch 2 is releasing the Beta version to selected players. Activision Blizzard had previously issued delays for the game and is finally in the process to send players invitations to test the latest version. If you want to sign up or have already opted in, here’s what you need to know about when the Overwatch 2 Beta start time is.

When Is the Overwatch 2 Beta Start Time? Answered

The Overwatch official website and Twitter announced that Overwatch 2 Beta will start on April 26 11 a.m. Pacific Time (PT). The PvP Beta is scheduled to last until May 17 unless other circumstances occur during the time period. The only system with access to Overwatch 2 Beta is PC, although there are plans to bring the Beta to consoles in the future.

The Beta offers updated elements and features including brand new maps to explore. There will also be a new Push Mode and a Ping system added to the game. Additionally, the sequel now features 5v5 battles instead of 6v6 from the first game.

If you want a chance to participate in the PvP Beta, make sure you visit the Overwatch 2 Beta website to opt-in. Selected players will receive an email providing access to the game by April 26, but there may be future opportunities to still get access even after its release.

Another way to play the PvP Beta is by watching streams through the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta Twitch Drops Campaign at certain time intervals on April 27, between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (PT). Make sure to link your and Twitch account if you use this method instead.

Characters like Tracer, Reaper, and Doomfist will be making a return in the second installment. Each of the characters will have a whole new look to capture them in greater detail. There will also be a new playable character, Sojourn, that will be available in the Overwatch 2 Beta. She had previously helped the heroes in the Overwatch Archives Event: Storm Rising Missions. A full character list can be found here if you want a more in-depth look.

Whether you are looking to opt-in or simply just watch Twitch streamers playing the latest addition to the franchise, this is a great chance to see what Overwatch 2 has to offer. The Overwatch 2 Beta time has been set, and the testing period will help give the game the opportunity to reach new heights.

That’s all you need to know regarding the Overwatch 2 Beta start time. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more news and information on the game.

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