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4 Things We Can’t Wait to See in The Wolf Among Us 2

Wolf Among Us 2 Bigby

4 Things We Can’t Wait to See in The Wolf Among Us 2

A full trailer for The Wolf Among Us 2 was shown off during this week’s Nintendo Direct, and it finally gave us an in-engine look at Bigby and a few other characters while announcing a 2023 release window. Fans have been waiting for this sequel since the first game’s episodic release ended in 2014. Well, it’s finally on its way, so here are four things we want to see in The Wolf Among Us 2.

Spoiler Warning: The following article contains spoilers for several episodes of The Wolf Among Us. If you haven’t played it yet, we recommend you come back after finishing the game.

An Answer to the Faith & Nerissa Mystery

Things We Can’t Wait to See in The Wolf Among Us 2

Wolf Among Us Nerissa

At the end of the final episode of The Wolf Among Us, Telltale throws us for a loop by implying that Faith could have been ‘glamoured’ to look like Nerissa — the little mermaid — for the entire game after her death in the first episode. The game ends with a choice on whether or not to go after Nerissa as she walks away, leaving us confused and wanting to know so much more.

Bigby meets Faith at the beginning of the very first episode of The Wolf Among Us, and she supposedly dies partway through that same episode. We see her head left on the doorstep of Bigby’s apartment, which is the incident that kicks off the entire game’s murder investigation.

This moment is one of the biggest cliffhangers ever in a Telltale game, as Faith — a character we thought was dead — might’ve been alive all along in disguise, guiding and helping Bigby through the investigation of her own murder. Unfortunately, this twist came at the end of the game, providing no sense of closure. We absolutely need to see the truth behind the final scene with Nerissa (Faith?) and Bigby.

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