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5 Things to Do First in Elden Ring (& 1 to Avoid)


5 Things to Do First in Elden Ring (& 1 to Avoid)

Elden Ring is easily one of the most highly anticipated video game releases of 2021, and it’s finally available on PC and consoles. The game features a large open-world that’s very easy to get lost in, and you might find yourself overwhelmed with things to do and not knowing where to go. Here are five things to do first in Elden Ring.

1. Clear Out Kale’s Inventory

Things to Do First in Elden Ring

things to do first in elden ring

Immediately after leaving the tutorial area, head straight north to find the Church of Elleh, where you’ll meet Kale the nomadic merchant. When speaking with him, he recommends that you buy the Crafting Kit, and that should definitely be the first thing you purchase.

The Crafting Kit lets you craft useful items like the Furlcalling Finger Remedy, which lets you see summon signs, along with arrows, fire pots, and other consumables. You should also purchase all the cookbooks from him, which unlock more crafting recipes, along with the torch and the telescope.

The telescope is handy for scoping out new areas, while the torch will light up dark places, which is very useful during your dungeon runs.

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