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7 New PlayStation Indie Updates & Announcements Revealed


7 New PlayStation Indie Updates & Announcements Revealed

Earlier today, the PlayStation Blog let its fans know that they were in for a nice little surprise every 15 minutes of their morning, as the platform revealed a new update or announcement for indies coming to PS4 and PS5 during that timeframe. In total, users got seven new important pieces of information regarding games like Moss Book 2, Animal, Well, and more.

To make things easy for you, we’ve compiled every announcement down below, which includes plenty of new games, release news, and even first looks at gameplay. So sit back and enjoy the seven new PlayStation indie updates and announcements for yourself right now!

Animal Well Announced for PS5

PlayStation Indie Updates and Announcements

In Animal Well, players will get the chance to explore a forsaken pixel art labyrinth and unravel the many secrets it has to offer. The new indie title will feature plenty of action and platforming, all set within a beautifully animated and colorful backdrop.

Find out more about Animal Well when it arrives on PS5 at a later date.

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