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5 Games That Carried the 2021 Holiday Season


5 Games That Carried the 2021 Holiday Season

Halo Infinite

Games That Carried the 2021 Holiday Season

If there was one game that dominated video games and the discourse around them in December, it was Halo Infinite. The return of Master Chief to our screens was welcomed by veteran Spartans and newcomers alike and saw the series take its first steps into the open-world format for the first time. Hopping back inside the Spartan armor of Master Chief felt familiar with the fantastic gunplay the series is renowned for, while also feeling distinctly different thanks to the freedom that the open-world design of Zeta Halo offered and the grapple hook that the Chief inherits early on in his adventure.

Thrown in the fantastic free-to-play multiplayer and Halo Infinite is the true return to form the series desperately needed after a very average outing in Halo 5. With co-op campaign and more maps and game modes coming to multiplayer in the near future, there’s plenty of reason to keep it installed on your hard drive in 2022, too.

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