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Mr. Bean Fits Surprisingly Well Into Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City


Mr. Bean Fits Surprisingly Well Into Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City

For almost three decades, Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean has stood the test of time as one of the most hilarious characters in all of entertainment. Whether it’s via starring in his own sitcom or movies or appearing as comic relief in sketches and other forms of media, this tweed jacket goof will always be a fan favorite, which is why it isn’t surprising that someone went out of their way to place the character in Cyberpunk 2077.

As you can see in the video below, Youtuber eli_handle_b.wav showed exactly what it would look like if Mr. Bean had full reign exploring Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City. The video uses some of Bean’s best bits and superimposes them into scenes and locations from the game flawlessly, resulting in another perfect guest appearance for the character.

This is the second such viral video that eli_handle_b.wav is responsible for in recent memory, as the upcoming meme Youtuber also made a hilarious Austin Powers and Mass Effect crossover as well.

If you’re interested in more of Youtuber eli_handle_b.wav’s content, be sure to check out their official Youtube channel here. They’ve also got a Patreon where you can support their efforts to make more hilarious videos, which you can check out right here. Be sure to also let us know in the comment section below what you think of the crossover, including what your favorite part was.

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