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Best DLCs & Expansions of 2021

best dlc

Best DLCs & Expansions of 2021

It’s finally award season here at Twinfinite! Over the month of January, we’re going to look back at our favorite games of 2021. That includes some of the best DLC releases and expansions the year has seen, from the tropical islands of Animal Crossing to a return to Midgar. These are the best DLCs and expansions of 2021.

Voted on by our editors, these were the DLCs that stood apart from the pack.

Best DLC/Expansion of 2021

Honorable Mention: Final Fantasy VII Remake: Episode INTERmission

best dlc

Reviews Editor Zhiqing Wan: 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake was pretty much everything fans could’ve hoped for (unless you’re a diehard purist), and Square Enix kept the ball rolling with the release of the Episode INTERmission DLC in 2020. This DLC gave us an early introduction to Yuffie, and most importantly, it transformed her into an actual character with depth instead of the ninja caricature that we got in the original game.

Yuffie still retains her bubbly personality, and yes, she’s still out to steal your materia, but over the course of Episode INTERmission, she also grows and matures into a more well-rounded character than we’ve ever had seen before. Even without interacting with the main cast, she’s already a perfect foil to Cloud’s brooding nature, which makes us even more excited for the next part of the remake when she finally joins the party.

Episode INTERmission only lets you directly control Yuffie, but it also builds upon the already great combat system of FFVII Remake by giving us a brand new playstyle to experiment with. Yuffie zips across levels with ease by throwing her shuriken around, and her ninjutsu combos are so unique that this DLC almost feels like an entirely different game even though we’re still in Midgar.

Episode INTERmission also sets things up nicely for the main story, throwing plenty of new twists and curveballs that will keep fans talking and theorizing until the next installment.

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