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Far Cry 6: Best Weapons, Ranked


Far Cry 6: Best Weapons, Ranked

So you’ve landed in Yara and you’re looking to topple the corrupt Castillo regime. Well, you’re going to need some serious firepower to do that. Our Far Cry 6 Best Weapons guide will show you the best guns you’ll want to add to your arsenal to slice through the FND with ease.

6. La Sopresa – Best Sniper in Far Cry 6

far cry 6 best weapons

La Sopresa is one of the Resolver Weapons you can purchase from Juan’s Arms Dealers. It’s a 4* sniper rifle with insane damage, and an average stealth stat.

What makes this weapon stand out, however, is the fact it fires explosive rounds. This makes it great for taking out small clusters of soldiers, as well as incredibly effective at taking down choppers. Just two shots with this should be enough to send one crashing to the ground.

While it doesn’t have a suppressor on it, which doesn’t make it ideal for stealthy approaches if you need to pick off enemies from afar without, this is an absolutely lethal option.

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