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5 Features We Wish Made It Into Animal Crossing New Horizon’s Final Update


5 Features We Wish Made It Into Animal Crossing New Horizon’s Final Update

With the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons’ 2.0 update this week (and its Happy Home Paradise DLC), Nintendo has marked the end of the game’s major update support. The game will no longer receive updates that’ll bring fresh and exciting new gameplay experiences and features to your getaway island. This is certainly a sad time, especially given the fact there are still a bunch of little features and QoL improvements that would help take the game to the next level. In fact, I’m so gutted that some of these never came to fruition that I thought I’d write about them. Here are 5 features we wish had made it into New Horizons’ final update.

Upgrades for Nook’s Cranny

Features That Should Have Made it Into Animal Crossing New Horizons’ 2.0 Update

Animal Crossing New Horizons final update missed features

One of the exciting elements of progression we’d seen in earlier Animal Crossing games had been the upgrades that Tom Nook — and his son’s Timmy and Tommy — would make to their shop. With each upgrade, more items would be available on offer, including Harriet’s Shampoodles, though she’s set up on Harv’s island now.

Even so, it would have been a neat idea to have some element of expansion for Nook’s store. Perhaps we could buy some of Leif’s starts and seeds, have exclusive furniture roll in via updates from Nintendo for first-party franchises like a Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, or Smash Bros. set.

As it is, Nook’s shop can feel a little out of place on your island if you’ve poured hundreds or thousands of hours into completely transforming it into a thriving blob of land in the middle of the sea. After all, think of all those extortionate loans you’ve repaid!

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