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12 Impressive ACNH Happy Home Paradise Designs That Will Inspire You

best happy home paradise designs

12 Impressive ACNH Happy Home Paradise Designs That Will Inspire You

Happy Home Paradise, the expansion for Animal Crossing New Horizons, has been out for a few weeks now. And as we’ve seen from Animal Crossing players in the past, there is no limit to how creative the designs can get.

The premise of the expansion has players designing dream vacation homes for villagers as well as facilities such as schools, cafes, and a hospital. The more homes they player designs, the more options they have in terms of decorating.

In fact, there are many more options here than in the base game, such as constructing wall dividers, pillars, and countertops. These options along with a wide variety of new items allow for a ton of creativity that wasn’t possible before. Here are some of the best Happy Home Paradise designs we’ve seen so far that are sure to inspire you.

Enchanted Woodland Cafe

This cafe sets itself apart from others because it has an enchanted woodland theme. There are decorative vines and trees throughout the room with wooden floorboards, chairs, and tables, so it gives the impression that you’re inside a forest.

There are lots of careful details in this woodland cafe, including glowing moss and green drinks. It’s a super creative aesthetic and goes the extra mile in terms of creating a relaxing cafe.

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