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New World: How to Get & Use Corrupted Sliver

new world corrupted sliver

New World: How to Get & Use Corrupted Sliver

New World is an ambitious pirate-themed MMORPG developed and published by Amazon Games. It features large scale inter-faction PvP wars where players can fight with each other for territory, or team up together to take on expeditions and other PvE challenges. Taking on expeditions (this game’s version of dungeons) isn’t quite as straightforward as you might expect, though. Here’s how to get and use Corrupted Slivers in New World.

Getting Corrupted Sliver in New World

Unlike in most other MMOs where you can simply get a party together and enter a dungeon once you’ve unlocked it, New World requires an additional step: you need a key or an orb to actually enter it. The story-based expeditions will give you the item you require to enter it, but if you want to run an expedition multiple times, you’ll need to craft an orb or a key to do so. This is where the Corrupted Slivers come in.

As the name suggests, Corrupted Slivers are tied to the corruption portals you see dotted around the world map as red skull icons. However, only the Major Breaches (indicated by the larger icons) will give your Major Breach Caches, which have a chance of containing a Corrupted Sliver.

With that in mind, all you have to do is clear out the Major Breaches to get a cache, and then get your Slivers that way. It’s highly recommended that you go in groups of five, as the portals can be very difficult to clear out even if you’re above the recommended level. In addition to that, it’s worth noting that only one person needs to have the Azoth Staff. As long as you participated in clearing out the portal by doing damage, you’ll get credit for clearing it out even if someone else destroys the portal with the Azoth Staff.

This also means that even if you’re underleveled, it’s possible to tag along with a high level group to get credit for it. Your experience gains will be cut, but you’ll still be rewarded with the cache at the end of it.

What to Do With Them

Corrupted Slivers can be used at the stonecutting table to craft keys and tuning orbs, which are used to unlock expeditions. If you have multiples, they can also be fused to create shards and fragments, which are also used to craft higher level keys and orbs.

Ultimately, these are important to farm if you intend on running expeditions multiple times to farm gear or experience.

That’s all you need to know about how to get and use Corrupted Slivers in New World. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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