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Far Cry 6: How to Make Amigos Attack & Wait

make amigos attack

Far Cry 6: How to Make Amigos Attack & Wait

Capturing outposts has always been one of the Far Cry series’ most popular gameplay features, and so there should be no surprise that it’s back again for the latest installment. This time around, though, players don’t have to tackle them solo if they don’t want to. They can, in fact, call on the help of some ferocious animal friends to aid their cause, and then command them in battle as the action unfolds. Here’s how to make Amigos attack and wait in Far Cry 6 if you’re unsure.

How to Make Amigos Attack & Wait in Far Cry 6

The Amigos mechanic is fairly straightforward to control. To attack, simply press right on the D-Pad when aiming at an enemy, and then press and hold to call them back. If you’re wanting to command them to move to a specific location, press the D-Pad when pointing in whichever direction you want and they’ll move accordingly.

And that’s everything you need to know about how to make Amigos attack and wait in Far Cry 6. If you’re still on the hunt for more info about the game, be sure to check out all of the guide wiki, as it’ll surely have all of the tips, tricks, and FAQs you could ever have about the game.

There should also be some related content down below that you may find helpful, as well as some other Far Cry 6-based news. For any questions you can’t find the answer to, always feel free to reach out to us in the comment section below and we’ll do our best to help.

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