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Far Cry 6 Guerrilla Garrison Explained: How to Get It, What It Does, & Why You Need It


Far Cry 6 Guerrilla Garrison Explained: How to Get It, What It Does, & Why You Need It

Far Cry 6’s Guerrilla Camps allow you to build different structures in order to unlock different elements of the game. The Guerrilla Garrison is one such structure, but it’s not entirely clear what this actually does. Here’s a complete Far Cry 6 Guerrilla Garrison guide explaining how to get it, what it does, and why you’ll want to get it built.

What Does the Guerrilla Garrison Do?

According to the in-game description, the Guerilla Garrison will ‘Supply guerrilla fighters with better weaponry and training. Use the Recon Laptops placed at vantage points to scout FND Bases.’

At its most basic level, the garrison will provide Basic Weapons for sale, cause random guerrilla vanguards from around Yara to support you when you find yourself in combat, and places Recon Laptops that tag tripwires, auto-turrets, cameras, and alarms near FND Bases.

How to Get the Guerrilla Garrison in Far Cry 6

To get the Guerrilla Garrison, go to the Construction Desk in any of your Guerrilla Camps (marked with a hammer icon) and interact with them.

Select the Guerrilla Garrison from the list and purchase it for 60 Metal and 60 Gasolina.

You can then upgrade your Guerrilla Garrison by returning to the Construction Desk at the camp you built it at, highlighting the middle of the three icons at the bottom of its section, and then pressing and holding X/A to purchase it (as long as you have the required, listed upgrade materials).

All Guerrilla Garrison Upgrades

far cry 6 guerrilla garrison

Enhanced Guerrilla Garrison

The drills are tougher and the scouts are better. You have more options for planning your attack and better gear to purchase for your loadout.

  • Advanced Weapons for Sale
  • Support from Guerrilla Snipers around Yara
  • Better trained Guerrillas fighting in Yara
  • Advanced Recon Laptops that tag High Value Targets.

Protected Guerrilla Garrison

The Drill Instructors has selected the best scouts to take the fight to the FND. Libertad has never been this well-equipped.

  • Specialist Weapons for Sale
  • Support from Guerrilla Rocketeers around Yara
  • Even better trained Guerrilla to face the FND’s Special Forces
  • Specialist Recon Laptops that tag Security Control Centers

Why Is the Far Cry 6 Guerrilla Garrison Important?

Not only do the added guerrilla around Yara help to alleviate some of the stress of running into FND when you’re exploring, but the Guerrilla Garrison also opens up a ton of weapons that are previously locked out to you.

far cry 6 guerrilla garrison

These can be purchased by simply visiting the Garrison as your camp and then buying them with Pesos.

That’s everything you need to know about the Far Cry 6 Guerrilla Garrison. For more tips, tricks, and guides, head over to our wiki, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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