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7 Most Terrifying Horror Game Monsters That Are Pure Nightmare Fuel

Scariest horror game monsters

7 Most Terrifying Horror Game Monsters That Are Pure Nightmare Fuel

It’s the most spookiest time of the year, so tradition dictates that something creepy this way comes. Yes, to celebrate this month’s All Hallows’ Eve, we thought that now would be a good time to reach back into the shadowy recesses of our minds and try our best to remember the scariest horror game monsters we’ve ever seen.

Frankly, it wasn’t exactly an easy task, as our brains have tried their best to suppress most of these bone-chilling critters from our memory, but we stepped up, plucked up some courage, and took one for the team. The nightmares, oh, the nightmares!

So, without further ado, sit back and relax steel yourself, as we run down seven monstrosities from video games that are scary enough to give Count Dracula the heebie-jeebies. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Necromorph Kids – Dead Space 2

7 Scariest Horror Game Monsters

Scariest horror game monsters
Image Credit: EA (via Rely on Horror)

What’s scarier than a Necromorph? Why, a Necromorph kid, of course!

In all seriousness, if you’re a game developer reading this and you’re wondering how to make your creations even more horrifying, just twist your enemy designs into small, child-like whippersnappers and — voilà! — you’ve instantly made your game ten times way creepier.

Affectionately referred to as ‘The Pack’, these bipedal alien-demon-children don’t give a f#$% about Isaac Clarke and his limb-dissecting quest to stop the evil cult dubbed The Church of Unitology.

Snarling, ferocious, and unrelentingly bloodthirsty, these feral beasties attack in huge numbers and are terrifying enough to give all you seasoned babysitters out there a bout of violent PTSD flashbacks.

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