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Tales of Arise: How to Change Clothes & Get New Outfits

tales of arise outfits

Tales of Arise: How to Change Clothes & Get New Outfits

The newest entry in the Tales Of franchise is finally here. And like many other games in the series, Tales of Arise allows you to customize how your party looks with a few set outfits and accessories. Here’s how to change clothes and get new outfits in Tales of Arise.

Changing Outfits & Getting New Clothes in Tales of Arise

To change outfits in Tales of Arise, open the menu using the touchpad on PlayStation or the View button on Xbox. Then, go to the Outfits tab. You’ll be able to change hairstyles, costumes, accessories, and weapon skins for each character.

There are two accessory slots to put on glasses, hair clips, wings, and more. And when changing weapon skins you can make your current weapon look like any other weapon that you’ve already obtained while keeping the stats from the one you have equipped.

Finding Dahnan Owls

You can earn more of these outfits and accessories by finding Dahnan owls. Once Rinwell joins your party, her owl, Hootle, will briefly appear and make a noise whenever you enter an area that has an owl to find.

Search the area using the map and listen for their hoots to find them. The owls are usually found around dead ends or optional areas. Hootle will reappear and stay floating next to your head when a Dahnan owl is nearby.

The owls reward you with random accessories for finding them and once you unlock the Owl Forest after making it to Cyslodia, you’ll be able to get alternate colors for your outfits as you find more owls.

Purchasing DLC Outfits

Just like with many recent Tales games, you can also purchase DLC costumes. Select System in the menu and then go to Downloadable Content to see what’s for sale. If you decide to purchase something, it’ll be found in the Unclaimed DLC Items section in the System menu.

In that section of the menu, you can pick and choose which costumes and bonus items to bring into your inventory. Most costume packs come with new titles and rates for each character, so you’ll get more than just cosmetics if you purchase them.

Lastly, you’ll also get a few new outfits as you progress through the story naturally. Simply laying through the game will result in some costume changes for certain party members and you’ll get to keep those outfits permanently.

That’s everything you need to know about how to how to change clothes and get new outfits in Tales of Arise. Be sure to check out our guide wiki for the game to see more tips, tricks, and other useful info on the game.

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