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Tales of Arise: All Dahnan Owl Locations

tales of arise dahnan owls

Tales of Arise: All Dahnan Owl Locations

Tales of Arise contains various sub-quests and some are a bit trickier to complete than others. If you’re having trouble finding the owls on Dahna, we’re here to help. Here are all the Dahnan Owl locations in Tales of Arise.

All Dahnan Owl Locations in Tales of Arise

This little game of owl hide-and-seek becomes much easier once Rinwell joins your party. Her owl, Hootle, will help you detect other owls throughout the game. Hootle will appear briefly near your head and make noise whenever you enter an area that contains an owl.

Hootle will reappear and stay near you once you are physically near a Dahnan Owl. When he does this, you should also be able to hear the hoots of the owl you’re looking for. And your reward for finding each owl will be an accessory that can be equipped for any party member.

Keeping those facts in mind, here are the locations for every single Dahnan Owl in Tales of Arise, separated by region.

Dahnan Owls in Calaglia

Calaglia contains more owls than any other region, so you’re bound to miss some without the help of Hootle early on in the game. There are nine in total in Calaglia, and here’s where you should be looking:

Sandinus Ravine – Dog Tail

This owl is right next to the long bridge that leads up to Ulzebek, and it’ll likely be the very first owl that you find because it’s on the path you need to take for a main story mission.

Ulzebek – Rabbit Ears

This owl will likely be the second owl that you come across. It’s in Ulzebek on the roof of the building with the green Important NPC symbol on the map. It’s where you’ll regularly meet the resistance in Calaglia.

Kyrd Garrison – Cat Tail

This owl is just off the main path that leads to Mosgul’s entrance in Kyrd Garrison. You can see it from the bridge next to the entrance.

Mosgul – Monocle

Mosgul is the very first area of the game, but you won’t be able to reach this owl until after you’ve met Shionne and escaped the location. Once you return, this owl will be waiting near the train carts at the southern part of the map.

Iglia Wastes – Cat Ears

This Dahnan Owl is in a bit of a weird spot. It’s on an elevated area in the southwest corner of Iglia Wastes. Climb some vines indicated by the ladder icon in that section of the map to reach this one.

Trench of Flames – Dog Ears

This owl will call out to you on your way to Glanymede Castle as you’re about to go confront Balseph. It’s in a small house that has been partially destroyed on the side of the main path that you have to take to get there. It’s hard to miss.

Glanymede Castle – Rabbit Tail

This one is found on the third floor of the Glanymede Castle dungeon. It’s failing to blend in with some chickens next to the only elevator on that floor.

Trench of Flames – Left Bandage

This owl can be found next to a metal grate that’s stuck in the ground in the Gates of Fire section of the Trench of Flames. It’s sitting along the northern border of the map, but you’ll need to complete the Glanymede Castle dungeon before you can get here.

Lacerda Cliffs – Frame Glasses

This owl is at the campsite next to the entrance to Ulvhan Grotto. It’s sitting on some rocks next to a tall pillar. Check the map location above to see exactly where it is.

Dahnan Owls in Cyslodia

There are six owls to find in the snowy region of Cyslodia in Tales of Arise. These ones are white, so they blend in a bit here, but we’ll show you exactly where to look.

White Silver Plains – Left Eyepatch

This is another owl that’s extremely hard to miss, as it’s right on the path you need to take to get to your main destination. It’s at the entrance to Messia 224 next to a large stone arch.

Messia 224 – Wolf Ears

This Dahnan Owl is slightly harder to find. It’s hidden in a bucket next to an ox that’s attached to a cart. When you enter Messia 224 from White Silver Plains, go to the left and take the curved elevated path on the map to find it.

Nevira Snowplains – Wolf Tail

This one can be found at the center of the lake in the northern part of Nevira Snowplains. It’s on a rock next to a single tree.

Cysloden Alley – Sunglasses

This may be the coolest-looking Dahnan Owl in Tales of Arise and it’s found in the underground alley inside the city of Cysloden. It’s next to the Fountain Plaza Avenue entrance perched up high on a rock wall near the stream.

Riville Prison Tower – Devil Horns

Now, the most demonic-looking owl is found on a bookshelf on the second floor of the Riville Prison Tower dungeon. It’s in a room at the southernmost section of the map. The room also has a chest in it, so don’t miss that either.

Frozen Valley – Half Frames

The final owl in Cyslodia is located in Frozen Valley, near the bridge that leads to the Upper Level of Safar Sea Cave. It’s high up in a tree right next to the bridge. Check the owl icon on the map above to see exactly where to look.

Dahnan Owls in Menancia

The owls in Menancia are beige in color and they hide a lot better than the ones in Claglia and Cyslodia. Read on to to find out where these smart owls are hiding.

Overseer Hill – Red Tropical Corsage

The first owl you’ll encounter in Menancia is on a rocky ledge high above the ground in Overseer Hill. It’s wearing a corsage that’s way too big for its body, making it easy to spot. It’s in the southernmost part of the map, near the Traslida Highway entrance.

Traslida Highway – Devil Wings

This Dahnan owl is hiding in the fields of Traslida Highway, directly in between the entrances to Waterfall Depths and Pharia Ranch on the map. It’s next to a horse stable to the immediate right of the stream that divides the map in half.

Tietal Plain – Giggle Glasses

To find this owl, head to the right as soon as you enter Tietal Plain from Traslida Highway. It’s on a stone arch in the southeast corner of the map.

Viscint – Halo

This well-hidden owl is in the middle of Viscint’s main market area. It’s in a pot next to a food stall. It’s at the very center of the map, to the right of the city’s inn.

Autelina Palace – Crown

This owl is an easy one to miss since it’s indoors. It’s hiding on a shelf inside the kitchen on the first floor of Autelina Palace.

Talka Pond Road – Devil Tail

You’ll find this owl on the way out of Viscint after completing the main story quests there. It’s high up on the city’s exterior walls on the left side of the map. Head right as soon as you exit Viscint to hear this owl hooting at you from above.

Dahnan Owls in Mahag Saar

The owls in Mahag Saar are green, making them a bit easier to spot than the ones in Menancia. Here’s where to find each and every one of them.

Niez – Red Rose Corsage

This owl is in a basket on a table in the easternmost corner of Niez. It’s near the entrance to Mount Dhiara’s Mountain Base. The huge corsage makes it hard to miss, honestly.

Aqfotle Hills – Retro Sunglasses

This owl is perched above the ground on the rubble of a destroyed building. It’s near the entrance to Adan Lake, and you can get to it by running straight as you exit Niez. Check the owl icon on the map above for the exact location.

Adan Lake – Retro Sungalsses

Adan Lake is a completely optional area that doesn’t actually lead anywhere, so you may never come across this owl if you don’t explore. Swim through the lake in the middle of the area, then walk uphill through an open gate. Continue to the highest point in the area, then drop down a ledge to reach this owl.

Adan Ruins – Angel Wings

Walk straight after entering Adan Ruins from Aqfotle Hills to find this owl on the main path. This owl is finicky to get because of the angle and distance. Try to stand at the iron fence in the picture above, or drop down on the ledge to the left to get this one.

Mobile Fortress Gradia – Butterfly Wings

This owl is actually missable, so make sure not to complete the Mobile Fortress Gradia dungeon before finding it. The ship you’re on will be gone, so do not fight the boss until you find everything inside.

This owl is sitting on a desk located inside the Ship Interior Level 2 area. It’s in a room at the northwest section of the map.

Dahnan Owls in Ganath Haros

Ganath Haros owls are purple in color and actually stand out in their surroundings quite a bit. Here’s where to find them all.

Tuah Seashore – Right Eyepatch

This owl is the first one you’ll come across after washing up on the beach in Tuah Seashore. It looks like it’s too far to reach, but you can examine it from a distance. It’s right next to the entrance to Thistlym, at the northernmost part of the map.

Thistlym – Star Hair Clip

This one is next to the entrance to Shinefall Woods. It’s on the elevated section of Thistlym underneath a large fire.

Shinefall Woods – Right Bandage

This owl is a bit tricky to get to because it’s sitting on top of a stone arch that you need to walk on top of to reach it. It’s in the northern section of the map, between the entrances to Thistlym and Aureum Falls. Walk up the hill next to the arch, then walk along the arch itself until you reach the owl.

Lavtu Marshlands – Swirly Glasses

Look for the ladder icon in the southwestern area of this map to find this owl. It’s right next to red vines that can be climbed to reach it.

Pelegion – Sad Glasses

This owl is found on Pelegion Level 2 at a dead-end between the two elevators in the area. It’ll be above you, just off to the side of the path.

Del Fharis Castle – Hootle Doll

This one is found in the Central Entrance Plaza 4F section of the Del Fharis Castle dungeon. It’s next to one of the glowing lights that refill your HP and CP. Face the elevator and turn around to see it high above you near the ceiling.

Final Dahnan Owls in Tales of Arise

These Owls can’t be found until you collect all 32 owls listed above and reach the final dungeon in the story. Once you’ve done those two things, the game will actually tell you that six new owls have appeared in the world. And this time, the owls provide Artifacts, not cosmetic accessories.

Speak to the Owl King in the Owl Forest, then follow along below to find them all.

Glanymede Castle – Battle Maiden’s Shield

This owl is found inside the Lord’s Chamber area of Calaglia’s Glanymede Castle. It’s just sitting on the throne, so you can’t miss it once you enter the room.

Iglia Wastes – Vivid Sphere

This owl is also in Calaglia. It’s in the Iglia Wastes near the owl icon that should already be on your map. Go to the ladder icon near where you previously found the first Iglia Wastes owl, then use Dohalim’s map action to grow vines and climb up to an elevated area. The owl will be sitting on a rock up there.

Riville Prison Tower – Broken Machine Gun

This owl isn’t immediately accessible if you haven’t been doing the sub-quests in Cyslodia. It’s inside the Hidden Chamber that’s connected to a bookshelf at the back of the Office in Riville Prison Tower. To open this bookshelf door, you’ll need to speak to Bregon in Cysloden and complete his questline.

He’ll ask you to do several quests that end with you taking on the Gigant Zeugle locked in the cage in Riville Tower’s basement. Once you defeat that zeugle, you’ll get the key that opens the Hidden Chamber in the Office where the owl is hiding.

Autelina Palace – Ancient Excavator

This Dahnan Owl is much easier to get to. It’s located in Menancia’s Autelina Palace. More specifically, it’s inside the Guard Room on the second floor. The room is tiny, so this one can’t be missed.

Uninhabited Island – Metal Miner’s Cap

This owl is tied to a sub-quest called Beyond the Grave. Go to Thistlym in Ganath Haros, then enter Tuah Seashore to get a cutscene. Then, take the item you receive to the Hidden Wharf in Mahag Saar. Speak to Mahavar in front of the docks and he’ll take you to the Uninhabited Island.

Go to the quest marker on the island to fight Almeidrea’s dragon once again. This is a tough fight and you should be around level 50 or higher to beat it without a struggle. Once you win the fight, the owl will be waiting for you on a rock nearby.

Del Fharis Castle – Trident

The final Dahnan Owl is another easy one to find. It’s just sitting on the throne inside the Lord’s Chamber of Mahag Saar’s Del Fharis Castle.

There are a lot of owls to find, but those are all of the locations for all 38 Dahnan Owls in Tales of Arise. Be sure to check out our guide wiki for more tips, tricks, and other useful info.

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