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Iconic Video Game Merchants That We Love to Buy From


Iconic Video Game Merchants That We Love to Buy From

From horror to JRPGs, the need to buy and sell items to a merchant is usually present in most video games. Sometimes they’re a great way to make some extra cash by selling some things you don’t need and other times using their services is necessary to proceed into the game.

Some of these iconic characters are memorable for being helpful, funny, mysterious, or just being integral to the plot. Nevertheless, these video game merchants made such an impact on us that they become an integral part of the game they appear in or even the franchise they’re from.

Here are some video game merchants that we love to buy from.

The Merchant – Resident Evil 4

resident evil 4
Image Source: Shirrako

What intrigues us about The Merchant in Resident Evil 4 is just how mysterious he is and continues to be. Practically nothing is known about The Merchant and there is no connection to him in other Resident Evil games other than The Duke from Resident Evil Village making an offhand reference to him.

Like so much of Resident Evil’s lore, this character doesn’t really make much sense, as he suddenly appears before the game’s protagonist, Leon Kennedy, early on in the story. Without much context, he offers his wares to Leon and happily takes his coin. He then appears at predetermined locations, again offering his services without explaining who he is. Leon can even kill him at any point, and he’ll still show up again in the next location. Like many Resident Evil characters, he’s pretty unkillable.

But despite his mysterious nature and love for money, he never fails to be charismatic, which is why we like him so much. His famous catchphrase “what are you buyin’?” is etched in our memories forever.

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