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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: How to Get FUT Coins Fast

how to get fut coins fast in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: How to Get FUT Coins Fast

Cutting right to the chase, we’re going to quickly run you through a handful of methods to help you make FUT Coins fast in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Getting FUT Coins Fast in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Open Bronze Packs

While Bronze Packs aren’t ever going to net you the very best players in the game, opening the Premium Bronze Packs regularly (costing 750 Coins each) should more often than not net you a profit.

The trick here is to keep an eye on the players you’re packing and checking their market value. Some players will be rare and required for SBC solutions, in particular League SBCs. These cards will often sell for a few thousand coins each, meaning just one card from two or three packs can net you a hefty profit.

Any club items like kits and badges are worthless, so you can Quick Sell these immediately and get a bit of money back instantly.

This method does take a little bit of grinding and requires you to keep a close eye on market values of various cards on a regular basis, but done right, you can make millions of FUT Coins in FIFA 22, just like in previous years.

Squad Building Challenges – How to Get FUT Coins Fast in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are the best way to make easy coins quickly in FIFA 22, and are also pretty fun to complete at the same time.

These soccer-style sudoku puzzles simply require you to place players into a team in order to meet certain requirements, such as having a max of a few leagues, or nationalities in your team. Completing these can earn you big value packs, and if you’ve already got the players you need, they won’t cost you a thing.

In particular, the Hybrid Leagues and Hybrid Nations SBCs offer ridiculously good rewards. They’re quite tricky, but completing all four in each set will earn you a Rare Mega Pack each. That means you’ve got a very high chance of packing some of the best and most valuable cards in the game.

FIFA 22 Fut coins fast

These can then either be placed in your team or sold on the market for hundreds of thousands (potentially even millions) of FUT Coins in FIFA 22.

Also, be sure to check every Thursday at 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 6pm BST(GMT) for the Marquee Matchups. These require players from certain teams, so there’s always the opportunity to sell some unused players in your squad for inflated prices when these are live.

Market Trading

Market trading has been a long-term staple of making FUT Coins fast in the FIFA series, and it’s no different in FIFA 22.

There are a ton of ways to approach this. You can either focus on high-demand consumable cards, such as position modifiers or chemistry styles like Shadow and Hunter, picking these up for below market value and flipping them when you see them. This won’t earn you a ton of profit each time, but it’s also relatively low risk, so if you’re happy just steadily accumulating FUT Coins, this is a solid option.

Alternatively, you can focus on flipping high-rated and promo cards like Icons, Team of the Weeks (TOTW) and Ones to Watch (OTW) cards.

These are often some of the best players in the game, and if you can snipe them for below market value and then flip them just ahead of the weekend when FUT Champs begins and fellow gamers look to finalize their teams before the weekend, you’ve got the potential to makes tens of thousands of coins off each card.

Another option is to buy high OVR rated cards that aren’t that desirable to have in your team, such as Hummels, or Muller. You’re essentially looking for players that don’t really fit the FIFA 22 meta. Buy them while they’re currently cheap in the early days of FIFA 22, keep them on your transfer list, and then wait for an SBC to release that requires a high team rating. These cards will then skyrocket in price, allowing you to make a hefty profit off each one.

There are a ton of ways to go about trading, and you can check out videos from popular YouTubers like runthefutmarket, The FutAccountant and ELYYT for a more in-depth breakdown.

Don’t Buy Packs with Coins – How to Get FUT Coins Fast in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

This is a point we make every year when it comes to making coins fast in FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode, and arguably, it’s not even about making coins, but not spending them frivolously.

Simply put, buying Gold packs with coins is simply unprofitable. You’ll almost never make a profit on them, and they cost an eye-watering 7,500 Coins for just a Premium Gold Pack, which contains just three rare players.

If you’re desperate to buy some extra packs, you can always buy some FIFA Points. The microtransactions aren’t something we’d advise you to spend your hard-earned cash on either, but if you’re looking to keep your FUT Coins balance looking healthy, they’re the better option over spending Coins.

Keep a Close Eye on Seasons Objectives

It’s been a few years since EA Sports removed the Catalogue which granted players the opportunity to buy valuable ‘Coins Boost’ items and loan player cards, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone forever.

Very occasionally, these pop back up as Seasons Objectives or in the ‘Milestones’ during each ‘season’ of FIFA 22. They’re few and far between, but they’re a nice and easy way to earn a steady stream of FUT Coins throughout the duration of FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get FUT Coins fast in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. For more tips, tricks and guides, head over to our wiki or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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