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FIFA 22: How to Do Threaded Through Pass

FIFA 22 threaded through pass

FIFA 22: How to Do Threaded Through Pass

The threaded through pass (or threaded through ball) in FIFA 22 is one of the best passing options you can use when on the attack. A threaded through pass puts a little bit of spin and swerve on the ball, allowing you to pass the ball through narrow gaps between defenders for your attackers to run onto. In this guide, we’ll talk you through what you need to do to perform a threaded through pass in FIFA 22.

Threaded Through Pass in FIFA 22

The good news is that the threaded through ball inputs have remained the same in FIFA 22 as they were in previous entries in the series. As a reminder, we’ve put these in the table below.

ConsoleHow to Threaded Through Ball
Xbox One/ Xbox Series XSRB & Y
PS4/ PS5R1 & Triangle
SwitchR & X

All you need to do is play a through ball as you normally would by pressing and holding Triangle, Y, X while also holding down the R1/ RB/ Y button. As long as you do this, your player should perform a threaded through pass in FIFA 22.

While the threaded through ball can split defenses in two, that doesn’t mean you should just spam it all the time. You want to wait for your player to begin making a run behind the defense, and then perform the through pass.

Too soon and the defender will likely intercept the ball, too late and your attacking player making the run will be offside.

Instead, press the RB/ R1/ R button when your player has the ball to make one of your attacking players begin to make a run. When they’re just about to be in-line with the defender, play the threaded through pass and it should reach your player and give them a ton of space to run into.

That’s everything you need to know on performing a threaded through pass in FIFA 22. For more tips, tricks, and guides head over to our wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our coverage below.

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