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FIFA 22: What Time Rivals Rewards Come Out

fifa 22 rivals rewards

FIFA 22: What Time Rivals Rewards Come Out

FIFA 22‘s Ultimate Team is no doubt where the majority of players are going to spend most of their time in the game. The main way you’re going to bolster your dream team in progress will be to play the Division Rivals mode and earn packs and coins as rewards that can be used to help strengthen your team. To help you out, this FIFA 22 Rivals rewards guide will explain how you get rewards from FIFA 22 Division Rivals, what time the rewards go live, and how to claim your rewards once they have.

What Is Division Rivals?

Division Rivals is the main game mode in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. This mode sees you playing against other players online in order to earn points and move up from Division 10 to Division 1.

The higher your division, the better rewards you’ll get for ranking within each tier. Win games to earn more skill points, pushing you up the divisions, but be careful, losing will see you drop skill points and can lead you to get relegated to lower leagues.

Simply put, the aim of the game here is to beat your online opponent and rack up as many points as you can within the week.

How to Get Rivals Rewards in FIFA 22

Depending on how many points you’ve earned, you’ll be sorted into a ‘Rank’ within your division. This tier will determine the rewards you’ll be given at the end of that Division Rivals week.

fifa 22 rivals rewards

The higher your division — and the rank within that division — the better your rewards will be. You can get promoted into higher division by winning Rivals games consistently. If you lose a lot of Rivals games, you’re at risk of being relegated to a lower division.

What Time FIFA 22 Rivals Rewards Go Live

We’ve listed the time Rivals rewards go live in a variety of time zones. FIFA 21 Rivals rewards go live just before your FUT Champs are made available, if you’ve taken part in the weekend league.

FIFA 22 Rivals Rewards Release Time Table
Time ZoneRivals Rewards Release Time on Thursdays
Pacific12:00 AM
Central2:00 AM
Eastern3:00 AM
GMT (UK)8:00 AM

How to Claim Rivals Rewards in FIFA 22

To claim your rewards, simply login to Ultimate Team and you should see a tile that says “Your Division Rivals Rewards are ready to be claimed.” Click on this and follow the on-screen prompts to redeem them.

Then it’s a case of heading to the ‘Store’ tab to open your pack rewards. Any coins you’ve earned as part of your Rivals rewards will be automatically added to your balance.

That’s everything you need to know on FIFA 22 Rivals rewards release times. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the game, head on over to our guide wiki, check out more of our coverage linked below, or search for Twinfinite.

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