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FIFA 22: How to Do One Two Pass

fifa 22 one two pass

FIFA 22: How to Do One Two Pass

FIFA 22‘s gameplay may be a little slower than that of its predecessor, but that just means you’ve got more time to perfect your build-up play to create tons of chances on goal. The one two pass is a quick and easy skill that can help you tear apart defenses in the blink of an eye. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to do a one two pass in FIFA 22.

It’s worth pointing out that the one two pass is worth knowing for when you’re inevitably required to use it to score goals for some of the weekly objectives in FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team mode. This often comes up at least once a year.

A one two pass simply sees you passing the ball with one player, then having them immediately run into space to then receive the ball back. It’s a quick and effective move against center-back pairings, giving you a quick and easy one-on-one with the keeper.

How to Do a One Two Pass in FIFA 22

To one two pass in FIFA 22, simply hold down L1 on PS4/ PS5 or LB on Xbox One/ Xbox Series X|S and press the pass button (X/ A) at the same time. Use the analog stick to control where you’re playing this first pass.

As soon as the pass has been played, the player you were controlling will make a run into some space or through on goal.

All you then need to do is press X/A to pass the ball back to the first player. It’s important you keep L1/ LB held down throughout the entirety of this process, otherwise you won’t perform an effective one two pass.

A quick recap on how to one two pass in FIFA 22:

  1. Hold L1 (PS4/ PS5) or LB (Xbox One/ Xbox Series X|S) will pressing X/A to pass, aiming it with the left thumbstick.

  2. Press X/A to pass it back to the first player once they’ve started their run into space.

And now you know how to do a one two pass in FIFA 22 to tear open the opposition’s defense. Our FIFA 22 guide wiki has even more tips and tricks to help you be at your best. You can also search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our coverage on the game below for all your FIFA needs.

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