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Pokemon Fan Creates Adorable Card Called ‘The Anniversary’


Pokemon Fan Creates Adorable Card Called ‘The Anniversary’

Whether it is the trading card game, television shows, or video games, Pokemon has helped create plenty of lasting relationships over the years. For one couple, the series was so significant they even created a card signifying their love.

In a post to the Gaming subreddit, user RickFourEyesRevealed the beautiful custom holographic card that his fiance made for their anniversary together. As you can see in the post below, the card, simply titled The Anniversary, is adorable, featuring a couple, their Pokemon, and a beautiful inscription about their upcoming marriage and life together.

At the bottom of the card, there are also some more cute details, including a weakness – which is love – and an icon next to each person’s name. There is no exact mention in the post or its comments where the user’s significant other got the card created but there is no doubt that it ended up looking pretty amazing.

What are your thoughts on the card? If you had a Pokemon card of your own, what would be your attacks and weakness? Let us know in the comment section below.

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