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Here’s How Big The Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Map Is

how big iki island is

Here’s How Big The Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Map Is

Ghost of Tsushima’s open world is among the most compelling we’ve ever explored here at Twinfinite, owing to its breathtaking landscape, animated by some of the prettiest graphics ever seen in gaming. It was also fairly large in size, ranking among the biggest games we’ve measured over the past decade in total size. Now, developer Sucker Punch has expanded its size even further with an all-new expansion called Iki Island. Here we’re going to detail how big the Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island map is, according to our rough map measurement estimation.

How Big The Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Map Is

If you’ve read one of our map measurement articles before then you’ll be familiar with the methodology. It’s very simple: we’re attempting to make a rough estimation of the total area based on measuring its width and length using the game’s waypoint system. In the case of Iki Island, its square(ish) shape also makes things a lot easier.

As you can see above, it’s a 2.2 x 2 km area at its longest and widest point.

If we were to imagine a large square placed over the top based on those measurements, the total land area would be 4.4 kilometers2 or 1.7 miles2

Of course, Iki Island’s playable area doesn’t actually fill out the entire square, and so we’ll have to knock off a percentage based on, well, guesswork. Factoring in the two or three islands that are actually outside the square, as well as the fact that the shaded areas around the shore are traversable shallows that we need to include, it looks to us like Iki Island’s landmass probably accounts for about 80%, making Iki Island around 1.36 miles2

For a comparison to Tsushima, Iki Island is about half the size of Tsushima’s southern island. Tsushima’s total landmass is around 11.02mi² when you factor in both islands. You can read our measurement article of the main game here for reference.

For more on Ghost of Tsushima, do check out our review of the main game and our recent Iki Island expansion review.

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