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Pokemon Unite: How to Upgrade Held Items

pokemon unite upgrade items

Pokemon Unite: How to Upgrade Held Items

Held items have been a major part of the Pokemon franchise since they were introduced in Gold and Silver versions. But you could even make an argument that they’re more important than ever in this new game. Here’s everything you need to know about how to upgrade held items in Pokemon Unite.

How to Upgrade Held Items in Pokemon Unite

The process of upgrading held items in Pokemon Unite is relatively easy and straightforward. It’s just the level and item requirements that will give you a hard time when looking to make some upgrades.

And you’ll absolutely want to do upgrades to your held items as soon as you can. Other players will be upgrading their items as well, so you’ll be at a competitive disadvantage if all of your held items are just at stage one.

First, you’ll start out with a single item slot — two more will unlock as you level up — and even if you have Enhancers, you won’t be able to do anything with them. Item Enhancers can be obtained via the battle pass, challenges, and in-game currency (Aeos Tickets).

Once you reach level nine, then you’ll finally be able to upgrade those held items. If you go to upgrade your items before reaching that milestone, then the game will just tell you that upgrading isn’t unlocked yet and that you’ll have to wait to reach level nine.

Once you unlock the ability to upgrade items, press the X button when at the Main Menu. Then go to Battle Prep and select Held Items. From here, highlight the Pokemon with the item you want to upgrade and press the X button, then select Give Items.

From there you can select the item you’d like to upgrade. Once items reach stages 10 and 20, they’ll gain additional effects that will make them even more useful in battle.

Time needed: 1 minute.

Here’s a quick summary about how to upgrade held items in Pokemon Unite:

  1. While Trainer Level 9, Press X at the Main Menu

    This will pull up a menu on the left side.

  2. Select Battle Prep, then Held Items

    This will get you to the menu where the magic happens.

  3. Press X on a Pokemon, then select Give Items

    From here you’ll be able to view your items and pick one to upgrade using Item Enhancers.

That’s all there is to know about how to upgrade Held Items in Pokemon Unite. If you’re struggling with loss after loss, then you might want to look at our guide about how you can get Zeraora for free for a limited time.

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