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August 2021 PS Plus Free Games Predictions


August 2021 PS Plus Free Games Predictions

Each month, PlayStation Plus subscribers get to download three free games. As long as you’re PS Plus subscription is live and active, you’ll be able to play these games forever, for as long as you want. While the announcement of the following month’s games tends to come at the end of the previous month, that doesn’t mean we can’t make a few guesses. Here’s what we think could be the August 2021 PS Plus free games.

The free games are split between one PS5 title and two for PS4. As such, we’ve broken our predictions down in this way, so let’s dive right in.

Editor’s Note: It’s been rumored that the August 2021 PlayStation Plus Free Games have already been leaked on the official PlayStation website. This has yet to be confirmed by Sony and as such, should be taken with a pinch of salt. In the meantime, check out our alternative predictions.

The PS5 Game – Falconeer Warrior Edition

august 2021 ps plus free games predictions

Sony has been in the habit of giving us a near-brand-new PS5 game each and every month as part of its PS Plus offerings, and it just so happens that The Falconeer: Warrior Edition conveniently releases at the beginning of August, too.

This enhanced version of the airborne shooter comes complete with the enhanced original game and the new Hunter DLC, which adds a new player class with a flyable Ormir Dragon and a set of Pyro pot guided rockets. The Edge of the World DLC is also included and features additional side quests, new locations, and two new playable classes with unique mounts.

If you’re looking for a game to pass a quiet weekend, The Falconeer’s well worth checking out, the complete verdict on the Warrior Edition, however, is yet to be revealed. But we’ll have our full thoughts closer to launch.

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