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2021’s Top 6 Game of the Year Contenders so Far


2021’s Top 6 Game of the Year Contenders so Far

So far, 2021 has been another amazing year for video games. Regardless of what your favorite genre is, or even if you’re a casual or hardcore fan of gaming, there has been something for everyone.

To celebrate how good of a year it has already been, we’ve compiled a list of the top six game of the year contenders so far. Be sure to let us know what you think of this list, as well as your current GotY is, in the comment section below.

Loop Hero

2021 Game of the Year Contenders so Far

2021 Game of the Year

Loop Hero surprised everybody back in March, as the game received plenty of attention and praise despite it having very little mainstream promotion leading up to its release. What is it about the game that helped it rise out of obscurity, though?

Well, its premise alone is interesting enough, as its gameplay revolves around taking away control from the player while still making things fun. The main gameplay loop centers around you sending out your hero out to fight enemies and gather resources to upgrade your campsite.

These resources and enemies come in the form of cards, which you’ll collect and use throughout each loop for the purpose of building a deck to help you progress for the next go-around.

While this may sound simple enough, the different enemies and paths that occur each run make for a distinct experience every loop. As such, it is very easy to find yourself saying “just one more loop” every time you die. 

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