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The Witcher Netflix & CDPR Tease a Collaborative Announcement in July

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The Witcher Netflix & CDPR Tease a Collaborative Announcement in July

It’s been well over a year since The Witcher franchise surged back into popularity following the launch of Netflix’s The Witcher adaptation. The success of the show prompted a steep rise in sales of both CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, as well as a renewed interest in Andrzej Sapkowski novels. Fans of the franchise have been chomping at the bit for more ever since, but between COVID-19 delaying the show’s second season and CDPR busy at work with Cyberpunk 2077, there’s been precious little to talk about. Until today, that is.

Update: CDPR and Netflix have announced WitcherCon for July 9, which is described as an global online celebration of The Witcher Franchise.

Well, there’s not exactly anything to talk about specifically today, but there has been a pretty obvious tease by both Netflix and the Polish developer that something big is in the pipeline. Over on Twitter today the two company’s had a short back and forth to lock in some sort of showcase or announcement coming on July 9.

As you can see in the thread above, it was CDPR that initiated the invitation to which Netflix’s channel then responded. There’s not yet any clue at all what any of this could mean, but my predication is that it has something to do with the release date for either Netflix’s second season of The Witcher or the animated spin-off Nightmare of the Wolf, which was announced last year. It could even be something to do with the prequel show, Blood Origin.

I will say that is rather curious that CDPR is involved in any of those announcements, though. It’s unclear what role the developer would play other than perhaps drawing attention to the news. We’ll have to wait and see.

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