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Mario Golf Super Rush: Best Characters to Use


Mario Golf Super Rush: Best Characters to Use

Mario Golf Super Rush has only been out for just a few days, but a handful of characters have already positioned themselves ahead of the rest in this game. Whether curving shots, power, spin, or special shots are their specialty, there’s just something about their golf games that puts them at a higher level. These are the best characters you can pick in Mario Golf Super Rush.

The only potentially great character not included on this list is the Mii since it also has the potential to be abysmal depending upon how you distribute your stats. But these five characters listed will always give you a leg up on the competition in most game modes.


Mario Golf Super Rush Best Characters

mario golf super rush best characters

Boo has good enough power to keep up with most characters in Super Rush. With a max driving distance of 210 yards, Boo won’t just launch long shots all day, but it should be enough distance to not drop too far behind the likes of Bowser and Wario.

On top of that, Boo has an excellent Dash in Speed Golf which covers a wide area. Boo itself is kind of a small character, but its charge, Boo Carousel, calls on the help of other boos to form a ring that covers a much larger area. This makes it much easier to knock around other players. On top of that, Boo can float over hazards like water and lava to reach balls faster in speed golf.

It’s also important to note that Boo is one of the best at shooting curve shots. But you’ll need to master this ability in order to fully utilize Boo.

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