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Fortnite: How to Destroy Hiding Places


Fortnite: How to Destroy Hiding Places

The Fortnite week 4 challenges drop today and that means players will be busy making their way around the map once again collecting items and completing all sorts of random missions. One of the epic quests tasks players to ‘Destroy Hiding Places’ in Fortnite.

This quest will go live on June 30 around 8am/9am ET. Completing it will earn you 30,000 XP to level up your Battle Pass and earn your some Battle Stars.

What Are Fortnite Hiding Places?

Hiding places are different objects around the world that players can interact with and stay inside. Examples of hiding places are the green dumpsters players can jump inside, and piles of hay that can also hide players inside.

How to Destroy Hiding Places in Fortnite

The best and fastest way to destroy hiding places in Fortnite is to head to Corny Complex, Steel Farm and The Orchard, marked on the map below.

where to destroy hiding places in fortnite

Each of these farms has a pile of hay you can destroy by simply hitting it with your harvester.

The Orchard’s hiding place is found on the ground floor of the large red barn.

The Steel Farm hiding place is just on the ground by the front door of the large red house here.

Finally, there’s another hiding place at Corny Complex. The pile of hay is found in the middle of the field around the back of the large red barn.

Destroy each of these piles of hay and you’ll complete the week 4 challenge and earn yourself the 30,000 XP in the process.

That’s everything you need to know on how to destroy hiding places in Fortnite. For more tips and tricks, head over to our wiki, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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