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Mass Effect 2: How to Get Palladium & What it’s Used for

Mass Effect 2 How to Get Palladium

Mass Effect 2: How to Get Palladium & What it’s Used for

There are only a few resources for you to track down in the Mass Effect trilogy‘s second entry, but this makes accruing a surplus of each pivotal to your success. As such, you wouldn’t be blamed for wanting to know more about how to get Palladium and what it’s used for in Mass Effect 2 so that you’re never in short supply of the stuff.

Well, worry not. You’ve come to the right place, and we’ve laid out everything you need to know in the guide below.

How to Get Palladium in Mass Effect 2

Like with Platinum or Iridium, you can get Palladium in Mass Effect 2 by scanning and probing planets throughout the universe.

To do this, pilot the Normandy toward any given planet that doesn’t contain a mission and then interact with it. You’ll then have the option to scan the planet for resources by holding down L2 on PlayStation consoles or LT on Xbox consoles. Do so, and then move the aiming reticle across the surface of the planet.

An indicator on the right will then show whether or not a deposit of a specific resource – including Palladium – is nearby, and your controller will vibrate the closer to the deposit you are. The higher the scanner’s reading spike is, and the more intense the vibrations from your controller are, the bigger the deposit of resources.

Once you find a deposit, you can launch a probe to harvest it by pressing R2 or RT. Probes cost 500 credits each, and you can only carry a limited amount at any given time. If you ever run out, you can buy more from any fuel depot found throughout every system.

What Palladium Is Used for

As for what you can do with Palladium in Mass Effect 2, it’s pretty straight-forward.

Like with other resources, it’s used to upgrade your equipment via Research Projects. Palladium in particular is needed for projects aimed at improving your cybernetics, shields, heavy pistols, and armor. These improvements apply to both you and your squad members too, so they’re well worth taking the time to get.

That’s all there is to know about how to get Palladium and what it’s used for in Mass Effect 2. For more on the game or the Mass effect trilogy in general, check out our Mass Effect Legendary Edition guide wiki. It’ll help you maximize your enjoyment with the series via quest walkthroughs, info on where to find collectibles, and more.

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