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Mass Effect 1: How to Kill the Thorian

mass effect kill thorian

Mass Effect 1: How to Kill the Thorian

Mass Effect drops players into a world full of alien creatures, both friendly and dangerous. The Thorian is the latter when you encounter it. If you’re having trouble figuring out exactly how to get past this otherworldly creature, read on. Here’s how to kill the Thorian on Feros in Mass Effect 1.

Feros is a planet that the Geth are interested in, so you’re sent to investigate early on in Mass Effect 1. As it turns out, the Geth are interested in the plant-like Thorian because of its mind-controlling abilities. So it’s not surprising that it sends plenty of mind-controlled enemies after you when you go up against it underneath the Zhu’s Hope colony.

How to Kill the Thorian in Mass Effect 1

First off, you don’t actually need to shoot at the Thorian’s head, so don’t waste time doing that. There’s one path to the right of the creature. Take it, and it’ll lead you straight to one of the Thorian’s many Neural Nodes. These are what you need to shoot. The tentacles that are stuck to the walls of the lair will have orange targets on them along with health bars on the bottom-right corner of the screen. You’ll need to shoot them all as you progress upwards to detach the Thorian from the walls.

mass effect kill thorian

The Thorian won’t actually attack you itself since it’s just a stationary plant that’s been living underground on Feros for thousands of years. Instead, it’ll send Asari clones and many Thorian Creepers after you all at once. The Thorian Lair is a relatively small area full of narrow corridors and cramped spaces, so don’t let yourself be cornered or surrounded as its minions try to kill you. Thorian Creepers will constantly run right at you while the Asari clones blast you with biotic energy.

The good news here is that the Creepers need to be close to do damage, and only one Asari clone should attack you at any given time. But the Thorian will create a new clone each time you destroy one of its nodes, and the Creepers use toxin attacks to constantly lower your health.

Make sure to use Damping on the Asari if you have the ability, as it prevents her from using biotics for a set amount of time. Garrus and Tali have the ability if you don’t have it yourself. It’s also a good idea to equip shotguns for the tight spaces along with Medical Interface armor upgrades to increase toxin resistance for all squadmates.

mass effect 1 kill thorian armor

Make your way through the one path available to you in the lair, and you should eventually reach the last node. Once it’s destroyed, a cutscene will play as the Thorian falls into an abyss. Shiala, the Asari who was being cloned, will then speak with you.

That’s everything you need to know about how to kill the Thorian in Mass Effect 1. Check out our guide wiki for the Legendary Edition if you’re looking for more tips and tricks.

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