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Mass Effect 1: How to Start Garrus Find Dr. Saleon Mission

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Mass Effect 1: How to Start Garrus Find Dr. Saleon Mission

While Mass Effect 1 doesn’t have loyalty missions in the same way that Mass Effect 2 does, it does have assignments that kind of resemble them. Garrus, like Tali and Wrex, has an assignment that Shepard can take on if they choose, however it’s completely optional and missable. Here’s what you need to know about how to start Garrus’s personal assignment mission, Garrus: Find Dr. Saleon.

How to Start Garrus: Find Dr. Saleon

At the end of each major mission in Mass Effect 1, you have the opportunity to talk to each of your squad members to learn more about their backstory and get to know them a little bit. You absolutely should always do this, and in this case, it’s actually required if you want to start the Find Dr. Saleon mission.

Garrus has a past with this doctor, and he will eventually forward you an assignment if you continue to talk to him about it after completing the main story missions. Once you have it as an assignment, you can head to its location and take it on. Unlike Tali and Wrex’s missions, it’s actually extremely short, but you do have a choice to make.

We’d highly recommend bringing Garrus to this assignment. If you’d like some details, keep reading, otherwise, you can leave now if you want to stay spoiler-free.

Spare or Kill Dr. Saleon

Ultimately, whether you choose to spare or kill Dr. Saleon (now known as Dr. Heart), the “good” doctor will pull a gun on you and try to kill you. However, how you encourage Garrus to behave will have him start to lean a bit more Paragon or Renegade in his subsequent dialog. You can pretty much go with whatever you prefer to see, or based on whether you want more Paragon or Renegade points. This choice won’t have any big long-term implications.

That’s all you need to know about how to start Garrus’ personal assignment mission, Find Dr. Saleon in Mass Effect 1. For more tips, tricks and FAQs answered be sure to check out our wiki guide that is filled with helpful guides.

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