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Mass Effect 1: How to Get All Asari Writings

mass effect 1 asari writings

Mass Effect 1: How to Get All Asari Writings

Aside from just traveling the galaxy to find Saren and bring him to justice, there are tons of other optional and often missable side quests to take on in Mass Effect as well. Some will reward you with even more lore and world-building, and are definitely worth doing if you want to learn more about the Mass Effect universe. Here’s how to get all Asari Writings in Mass Effect 1.

Getting All Asari Writings in Mass Effect 1

UNC: Asari Writings is a side quest that will pop up in your journal once you discover your very first Writing. These are scattered all over the galaxy, and they’re not hard to obtain if you know where to find them. There aren’t any special rewards for completing the quest in Mass Effect 1, aside from a small amount of experience and a small sum of credits for each one you find.

Fortunately, you can get bonus war assets in Mass Effect 3 if you took the time to find these collectibles. This will occur if you also purchase the Elkoss armory license, get Hossle’s data in Feros, and keep Conrad Verner alive up to that point, and will trigger a special event that makes the effort mostly worth it.

You only need 10 Writings to complete the quest and to trigger the Mass Effect 3 event, but there are 16 in total, as listed below:

Mass Effect 1 Asari Writings Locations
ClusterSystemPlanetHow to Get
Argos RhoPhoenixTuntauLand on the planet
Armstrong NebulaGrissomSolcrumLand on the planet
Artemis TauMacedonSharjilaLand on the planet
Hades GammaCacusChoheLand on the planet (3 to get)
Hades GammePlutusNonuelLand on the planet
Styx ThetaArcheronAltaheLand on the planet
Armstrong NebulaGagarinJunthorSurvey from space
Armstrong NebulaHongMatarSurvey from space
Artemis TauMacedonPorolanSurvey from space
Gemini SigmaHanParavinSurvey from space
Hades GammeAntaeusPlobaSurvey from space
Horse Head NebulaPaxVelesSurvey from space
Kepler VergeNewtonKlencorySurvey from space
Maroon SeaVostokPataiton

That’s all you need to know about how to get all Asari Writings in Mass Effect 1. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the entire Mass Effect trilogy.

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