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Biomutant: How to Get Psi-Points & Unlock More Psi-Powers

biomutant psi-points and psi-powers

Biomutant: How to Get Psi-Points & Unlock More Psi-Powers

Biomutant Psi-Points are what you’ll need to earn in order to unlock more Psi-Powers. The problem is, if you don’t know how to get them, you’re locking yourself out of some handy powers and abilities to have in battle. However, Psi-Points aren’t the only thing you’ll need to keep in mind to unlock them all. Here’s how to get Psi-Points and unlock Psi-Powers in Biomutant.

Getting Psi-Points in Biomutant

Psi-Points are gained from interacting with Shrines, Captives and Civilians.

Shrines look like small tents as shown in the image directly below. Simply walk over and press Y/ Triangle/ E to interact with and claim the Psi-Points from them.

Alternatively, if you choose to help Captives (characters trapped in cages or chained up), you’ll earn Psi-Points for lending them a hand. The same applies to civilians (non-hostile characters walking around).

If you choose to help them with their requests, you’ll earn Psi-Points, which can then be spent on unlocking Psi-Powers in Biomutant.

Unlocking All Psi-Powers

To unlock Psi-Powers, go to the Menu screen with Options/ Menu, and then select ‘Character.’ From here, go to Mutations, and then Psi-Powers.

You’ll now find a list of all Psi-Powers you can unlock and their requirements. Each Psi-Power will require some Psi-Points to unlock in Biomutant, but some will also have an Aura requirement in order to unlock. This means you’ll need to either earn Light or Dark points and reach a set amount in order to unlock them.

We’ve included a complete list of all Psi-Powers and their Psi-Point and Aura requirements in the list below.

All Psi-Powers in Biomutant
Psi-Power NamePsi-Points to UnlockAura Requirement
Sizzle Ball4Dark Aura 10
Freeze6Light Aura 10
Levitate10Light Aura 20
Telekinesis10Dark Aura 20
Ki Spark16Light Aura 30
Skyspark18Dark Aura 30

As long as you’ve got the Psi-Points and meet the Aura requirements, simply select the Psi-Power you want to unlock and press X/A/ LMB. Then assign it to one of your ability slots.

That’s everything you need to know on getting Psi-Points and unlocking Psi-Powers in Biomutant. Head over to our wiki for more tips and tricks.

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