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Biomutant Attributes Explained: What All Stats Do & How to Increase Every Attribute


Biomutant Attributes Explained: What All Stats Do & How to Increase Every Attribute

While Biomutant might look all simple and straight-forward, there are a bunch of stats and attributes players will need to manage and improve over time. These will determine your character’s build, and can lend them to one playstyle over another. In this Biomutant attributes guide, we’ll explain what all stats do, and how to increase every attribute for your character.

All Biomutant Attributes & Stats

There are six attributes in Biomutant, and each of these has stats that fall under them. We’ve listed all attributes and stats for your character below:

  • Vitality – Defines your amount of Health and the Energy cost of dodging.
    • Health – The amount of health you have. This value increases as you level up and the higher your Vitality attribute is.
    • Armor – The amount of Armor you have defines how much damage you take from enemy attacks. This stat is determined by the gear you equip to your character.
  • Strength – This stat adds to your Melee Damage. The higher your strength, the more damage you’ll deal with your melee attacks.
    • Melee Damage – Determines the amount of damage you deal with Melee attacks. This is increased by increasing your Strength attribute.
  • Intellect – Determines how much Ki-Energy you have, how fast it recharges, and the amount of damage you deal with Psi-Powers and Mutations. The higher your Intellect, the more moves you’ll have when completing puzzles, too.
    • Power – This stat determines the amount of damage dealt with all kinds of Psi-Powers and Mutations.
    • Ki-Energy – Ki-Energy is used for Special Attacks, Psi-Powers, Mutations, and your dodge ability. This stat determines your ‘max Ki-Energy.’
    • Ki-Energy Regen – The higher this stat is, the faster you’ll regenerate Ki-Energy.
  • Agility – Defines your overall speed in the game.
    • Move Speed – Defines how quickly your character will be able to move around and sprint. The higher the stat, the faster you’ll be.
  • Charisma – Defines how easy it is to persuade other characters. This attribute also determines how high your Barter stat is.
    • Barter – Increases the amount of Green you earn from selling items, and reduces buying prices for items from vendors.
  • Luck – The higher this stat, the higher your Critical Chance and Loot Chance. Determines how ‘lucky’ you are in RNG sections of the game.
    • Critical Chance – The higher your Critical Chance stat, the more likely it is your attacks will become Critical Hits and deal more damage.
    • Loot Chance – The higher your Loot Chance stat, the better your chances of finding more items of higher quality and rarity.

How to Increase Attributes

Increasing attributes is done every time you level up.

After leveling up, go to your ‘Character’ screen from the main menu, and you’ll be given the option to increase one attribute by 10.

biomutant attributes

By choosing to increase one of these attributes, you’ll also increase the stats that fall under it. For example, increasing Charisma like in the screenshot above would also increase our Barter stat from 5% to 7%.

For more tips and tricks, head over to our wiki, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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