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10 4K & HD Outriders Wallpapers for Your Next Desktop Background


10 4K & HD Outriders Wallpapers for Your Next Desktop Background

Outriders has finally arrived, transporting gamers to the terrifying and beautiful world of the planet Enoch. Throughout your journeys, you’ll discover fascinating new creatures and areas, working together with your teammates as you each use your unique powers to survive all the while.

As a result of all of this exploration and power usage, you’ll surely see some pretty cool visuals. Whether it is the glow that comes alongside your character’s powers, or the sights and sounds of the Anomaly, we’ve put together 10 4K and HD wallpapers from Outriders for your next desktop background.

Work together with your fellow Altered Outriders to create some epic sights on the battlefield. 4K & HD download.

The Outriders cover art in all of its glory. Nothing says cool like characters walking with their backs turned to danger. 4K & HD download.

Pound the ground for an area-of-effect attack that your enemies won’t be able to survive. 4K & HD download.

The world of Enoch can be a scary place, but there is a haunting beauty to it and its Anomaly. 4K & HD download.


This beautiful close-up shows off the default look for one of the characters you can create in Outriders. 4K & HD download.

That armor looks a little bit hot, don’t ya think? 4K & HD download.

Explore the vast wastes that Enoch has to offer due to the Anomaly. 4K & HD download.

Your gun seems to have some skin on it. 4K & HD download.


You’ll meet some really dangerous combatants across the world of Enoch. 4K & HD download.


The Anomaly has created some terrifying anomalies. 4K & HD download.

That wraps up our list of the best 4K and HD Outriders wallpapers. For more on the game, be sure to have a look at our guide wiki.

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