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Outriders Achievements & Trophies List

outriders trophies achievements

Outriders Achievements & Trophies List

Outriders is the latest looter shooter from developer People Can Fly and publisher Square Enix. While it’s not quite a ‘Game as a Service (GAAS),’ the gameplay does feel rather similar to Bungie’s Destiny 2. You’ll constantly be replacing weapons and gear with new, more powerful loot dropped from enemies, grind out missions for the best Legendary gear, and use the ‘drop-in-drop-out’ co-op gameplay to lend a friend a hand as and when they need it. There’s a ton of content packed into the game, but what about Outriders‘ achievements and trophies?

Well, the good news is that out of all 43 achievements and trophies in Outriders, a large portion of them are pretty easy to complete. Some will require a bit of grinding out, but get some friends together and you shouldn’t have too much of an issue polishing the last few off.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the achievements/ trophies list.

All Achievements & Trophies in Outriders
NameDescriptionGamerscore Value / Trophy Rarity
Awoken to a NightmareContinue the campaign to unlock this achievement.15G / Bronze
In Rode a HeroContinue the campaign to unlock this achievement.15G/ Bronze
Wavelengths and WishesContinue the campaign to unlock this achievement.15G/ Bronze
One Way RideContinue the campaign to unlock this achievement.15G/ Bronze
MalpracticeContinue the campaign to unlock this achievement.15G/ Bronze
Breaking the SealContinue the campaign to unlock this achievement.15G/ Bronze
Fatherhood Ain’t Easy, BossContinue the campaign to unlock this achievement.15G/ Bronze
Descent to FuryContinue the campaign to unlock this achievement.15G/ Bronze
One Last ChanceContinue the campaign to unlock this achievement.15G/ Bronze
Patron of the PastComplete the Historian questline.15G/ Bronze
Hand of DeathComplete the Wanted questline.15G/ Bronze
Big Game HunterComplete the Hunter questline.15G/ Bronze
The Burdens We BearComplete “The Outrider’s Legacy”20G/ Bronze
Urgent TaskComplete a side quest.15G/ Bronze
MultitaskingComplete 25 side quests.30G/ Silver
SquaretaskingComplete all side quests.70G/ Gold
Overtime at the MorgueKill 3500 enemies.15G/ Bronze
Gravedigger’s BFFKill 7500 enemies.70G/ Gold
Snap of the FingersDeal a total of 1,000,000 damage.15G/ Bronze
Misfortune Loves CompanyKill 10 enemies with no more than 2 seconds between each kill.15G/ Bronze
Coup de GrâceKill an enemy afflicted with at least 4 different status effects.15G/ Bronze
Clash of the AlteredKill 5 Elites using skills only.15G/ Bronze
Hitting the JackpotKill 1000 enemies in Expeditions.15G/ Bronze
Ace in the HoleUse a skill enhanced by 4 different mods.15G/ Bronze
FistbumpKill a total of 50 enemies with any Melee skill.15G/ Bronze
Fortune Favors the BoldReach character level 10.15G/ Bronze
Leave Humanity BehindReach character level 30.30G/ Silver
A Gathering StormUnlock a class tree node.15G/ Bronze
Surpassing the TempestMaster a branch of the class tree for any class.15G/ Bronze
Hard BargainerSell 300 items.15G/ Bronze
One Man’s JunkDismantle 300 items.15G/ Bronze
True PotentialUse crafting to improve the rarity of 15 items.15G/ Bronze
Extreme EngineeringUse crafting to replace 10 item mods.15G/ Bronze
Inventor’s AlmanacUnlock 125 unique weapon and armor mods for crafting.30G/ Silver
Spoils of WarEquip a legendary item.20G/ Bronze
Legacy of EnochEquip a character with epic or legendary items only.30G/ Silver
ProspectorMine ore from a deposit 30 times.15G/ Bronze
Knowledge Is PowerFill in 150 journal pages.15G/ Bronze
One for the BooksFill in 300 journal pages.30G/ Silver
ClassyComplete the highest tier of 4 class-related Accolades for any class.15G/ Bronze
Outrider, First ClassComplete all class-related Accolades for any class.30G/ Silver
Been There, Done That…Reach Accolade level 10.15G/ Bronze
Been Everywhere, Done It AllReach Accolade level 20.80G/ Gold

It’s worth pointing out that, at this moment in time, there’s been no official announcement on what kind of post-launch content fans can expect in the future.

The developers have said they’re open to releasing larger expansions if fans want it, and if this was the case, we’d imagine more trophies and achievements would accompany the content. Should that be the case, we’ll update this post with any expansion trophies and achievements that are added into the game.

There you have the complete list of Outriders achievements and trophies. For more tips, tricks and guides on the game, head on over to our wiki, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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