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New Pokemon Snap: Where to Find Flygon

New Pokemon Snap Flygon

New Pokemon Snap: Where to Find Flygon

New Pokemon Snap is finally here, and with it comes a ton of Pokemon to take pictures of. Some are harder to capture than others, though. Some need to be interacted with in specific ways, while others are pretty well hidden. If you’re having trouble getting a good picture of Flygon, read on. Here’s how to find Flygon in New Pokemon Snap.

Where to Find Flygon in New Pokemon Snap

Unsurprisingly, Flygon can be found in the Desert course. There are three Crystalbloom flowers at the start of the course to the right of you. You can see all three orange plants in the image below. You’ll want to throw Illumina Orbs at them until all three are lit up at the same time.

New Pokemon Snap Flygon Crystalbloom

Once that happens, Flygon will appear for a few moments, flying into the sky long enough for you to snap a picture of the Pokemon. But there’s also another one waiting for you in this course.

At the end of the Desert course at night, you can find another Flygon sleeping in a crater. Research level two is needed for this one, and there are two options to wake it up so that a good picture can be taken. Throw either some Illumina Orbs or Fluffruit at it, and you’ll get your shot.

That’s everything you need to know about how to find Flygon in New Pokemon Snap. Check out our guide wiki if you want some more tips and tricks for finding other Pokemon, or to see other general guides. For more on the overall experience, have a look at our review of this new journey in the Lental Region.

You can also read up on the related articles below if you want even more New Pokemon Snap content. If you have any questions about the game, just put them in the comment section below and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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