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Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut: How to Find All Behind the Scenes Content

Borderlands 3 behind the scenes

Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut: How to Find All Behind the Scenes Content

After a bit of a delay, the Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut is here. Players now have access to the new content. Alongside the new raid boss and story missions, there is also something a bit more in-depth related to the development of Borderlands 3 itself. Here’s how to find all of the behind-the-scenes content in Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut.

How to find All Behind the Scenes Content in Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut

Unlike the story missions, the behind-the-scenes content cannot be found anywhere in the gameplay itself. Everything is accessible from the main menu, so before hitting Play, move down twice and open the Behind the Scenes menu.

In this behind-the-scenes menu, there will be quite a few options, with each one revealing more than you might have previously known about what went into creating Borderlands 3.

Within the sections, you’ll find things like humorous advertisements for the game’s unique gun manufacturers or alternate cuts of certain story moments. Not all are rendered in-engine, but the voice lines are there. There is even a “Best Bugs” section where you can see ways that the game broke for the devs before getting fixed up for launch.

These are the available sections:

  • Animation
  • Audio
  • Best Bugs
  • Characters
  • Enemies
  • Miscellaneous
  • Systems and UI
  • World Building

That is all you need to know for how to all behind-the-scenes content in the Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut. In each category, there are plenty of videos and/or images, so there is a wealth of Borderlands 3 development to explore.

If you are looking for more Director’s Cut information, check out our guide for starting the Director’s Cut story missions. For all of your other Borderlands 3 needs, be sure to peruse our guide wiki for the game and keep an eye out for more Director’s Cut guides coming in the future.

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