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3 Games Where You Could Defeat the Final Boss Early


3 Games Where You Could Defeat the Final Boss Early

If you’ve ever played a game where you fight the big baddy early on, you know how frustrating and impossible it can seem to beat them. Usually, this is by design. Developers want you to be able to experience the whole game, and make it literally impossible to beat the final boss in the first instance. 

However, there are a handful of games that do go out of their way to reward players that somehow manage to get the health bar of the final boss down to zero in the early encounter. Here are three games where you could defeat the final boss early. 

Lavos – Chrono Trigger

In Chrono Trigger, players are tasked with traveling through time and using magical powers in order to stop a giant creature known as Lavos from destroying the world. Doing so isn’t a simple feat, though, as they must grow their powers and learn to work together to have any hope of stopping it. 

Usually, this means that you’ll progress the game’s story and level up your squad via multiple hours of playing Chrono Trigger, hopefully improving with each fight.

However, players are also given the opportunity to simply grind out fights against smaller enemies that constantly respawn. Committing to this level-grinding improves your character’s stats similarly to how you would if you progressed throughout the story normally.

This means that your party actually does have the chance to beat Lavos early, as you’ll fight it multiple times in the game. 

With a total of 12 endings though, it shouldn’t really surprise anyone that this 1995 RPG allowed players to defeat its final boss from the get-go in order to unlock a unique finale. 

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