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Bravely Default II Has a Secret Ending Within the Prologue, But it’s Not Very Exciting

bravely default ii

Bravely Default II Has a Secret Ending Within the Prologue, But it’s Not Very Exciting

If you’ve ever played a JRPG, then you know you’re in for some challenging, time-consuming boss fights; some of them might even be unwinnable. Bravely Default II is the same, and you even face your first unbeatable boss within the prologue of the game. Or do you?

This unstoppable boss is Adam, a powerful swordsman who tries to take the wind crystal from Gloria near the end of the prologue. You’re meant to fight him and immediately get eradicated, but there are ways to win this fight and get a secret ending.

The first method is shown in the video below. Before progressing in the story, you can do a lot of grinding to master the four jobs available to you; Freelancer, White Mage, Vanguard, and Black Mage. A warning, though, that it will take a lot of grinding if you plan to do it this way.

We have this helpful guide if you want to do some early game grinding, but it will still take hours. You’ll have to get past level 30 for all of your characters, which would take around 30-plus hours if you’re playing the game casually.

Most of your characters’ health will exceed 5,000, and you’ll have a much larger pool of MP, which is a vital resource in Bravely Default II.

By using the job mastery skills and passive abilities available and playing conservatively, saving BP, and attacking with the Freelancer’s Body Slam, you’ll slowly whittle down Adam’s health. It might take a long time, but it’s doable.

The second way you can do this is just by playing on New Game+ mode. You transfer all the jobs and items you have obtained from the first playthrough, giving you a lot more to work with when fighting Adam. It may take some trial and error, but use your best team layout and play defensively.

So what happens when you beat Adam when you’re not meant to? Well, the developers planned for this just in case.

Sadly it’s not an exciting affair. The game tells you that you weren’t supposed to beat Bravely Default II at this point and that you can’t continue. You have the option to reload a save right before the fight with Adam.

bravely default 2 secret ending

It’s not as fun as the game going down another path or there being any conclusion, but it’s a good challenge for players to impose upon themselves to try. Bravely Default II has different endings, but this isn’t technically considered one of them in the end.

The biggest question here is if this will count as beating the game in the speed-running community. Technically the credits roll when you get to this ending, so will it count? Or will all the grinding make it take too long even to consider it for speed-running?

Bravely Default II was developed by Claytechworks and published by Square Enix. It’s the next game in the Bravely Default series, but it is not a sequel to the first two games.

The game follows four strangers as they journey together to find the world’s elemental crystals and stop calamities from happening across the land. If this sounds familiar, these story beats are the same as early Final Fantasy games. Maybe now you can try to beat this game prematurely.

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