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5 Ways Loop Hero Could Be Even Better


5 Ways Loop Hero Could Be Even Better

Loop Hero was released on PC about a couple weeks ago, and has since become one of the biggest indie hits of 2021. The game has been lauded for its compelling deck-building and rogue-lite elements, as well as a badass soundtrack that’s impossible to get out of your head.

That being said, the game does have a few shortcomings, and with the developers promising that more quality-of-life and content updates are coming to the game soon, here’s a list of features we’d love to see in Loop Hero.

Clearly Defined Stats and Proper Wording

loop hero

By far my biggest gripe with the game, Loop Hero features a lot of different stats, traits, and cards that can be worded rather poorly. For instance, Magic Damage is never clearly explained during your early hours, and neither is Magic HP.

On the topic of Magic HP, it acts as a shield for your character that restores between each battle. However, there is a trait that calls it “energy armor,” and if you’re still fairly new to the game, there’s no way in hell you’d know that energy armor and Magic HP were the same damn thing.

There needs to be more consistency between descriptions, and clearer explanations for what each stat does without having to look things up on a wiki or the subreddit.

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