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Valheim: How To Increase Your FPS


Valheim: How To Increase Your FPS

Enjoy Valheim with boosted FPS with this nifty trick.

Trying to survive in Valheim can be a combination of many things. Resource management, smart building, and not biting off more than you can chew when it comes to combat. Then there is the infamous wonky framerates in Valheim that can affect even the best rigs. Thanks to the Reddit community, we now have a potential fix. Here’s how to increase your FPS in Valheim.

There is one limitation to this solution, however. The game cannot be running with Vulkan enabled. Once you have that disabled, it would be possible to give Valheim a nice boost when it comes to the FPS.

Increasing Your FPS in Valheim

It all comes down to setting the right launch option in Steam. You would likely assume that Valheim is running in fullscreen when you first launch the game.

Yet, it is actually running in windowed borderless mode. Going fullscreen allows the FPS to increase more significantly than what players are used to.

With Vulkan disabled, you will need to head into the Steam launch options to add a line of code. Simply right-click on Valheim, go into Properties, and insert the following code: -window-mode exclusive -screen-fullscreen.

Boost your Valheim FPS with a nifty fix

This will force the game to run in fullscreen, as well as give Valheim a large boost when it comes to its FPS.

If you are still finding the game is not running in true fullscreen, execute the Alt+Enter command to go into windowed mode, and repeat it again to revert back to fullscreen mode.

This little fix has enabled players to jump from 45-50 FPS normally to a much higher 80-100 FPS. Unfortunately, there are some instances where it does not work. In this case, here’s hoping that developers Iron Gate AB are able to sort it out instead.

That’s everything you need to know about how to boost your FPS in Valheim. If you are in need of more useful tips and information on the game, do check out our Valheim guide wiki. You can find specific guides by using the search engine from the main page.

You can also find related content down below that may be useful for players of all experience, such as the best mods for Valheim. Feel free to reach out to us in the comment section below if you have any other questions that need answering.

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