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It Takes Two vs A Way Out: Which Couch Co-Op Game Is Better?

It Takes Two, A Way Out

It Takes Two vs A Way Out: Which Couch Co-Op Game Is Better?

Hazelight Studios is quickly developing quite the reputation for creating amazing couch co-op games. As you can see in each of our reviews, A Way Out and It Takes Two have both thrived, delivering two cooperative experiences unlike any other. 

To celebrate that success, we decided to compare the two with multiple different categories, seeing which one’s story, gameplay, and replayability wins out. With that said, it is time to settle which couch co-op game is better: It Takes Two or A Way Out. 

It Takes Two vs. A Way Out


On paper, these two stories couldn’t seem more different.

A Way Out is all about two prisoners trying to escape from jail, while It Takes Two follows a soon-to-be-divorced couple trying to get their bodies back. When it comes down to it, though, each is a tale about working together – though there are considerable differences regarding the history behind each relationship. 

When Leo and Vincent meet in A Way Out, they are two complete strangers who happened to get sent to the infirmary at the same time. They eventually agree to help each other escape, forcing them to work together and get to know each other.

A bond soon forms, as they work together so flawlessly and joke around to the point where you’d think they’ve known each other for years. 

It Takes Two starts from a considerably different point in the main character’s relationship, as May and Cody have been together romantically for years. The story immediately picks up at a point where they are talking about getting divorced. 

When they tell their daughter, Rose, about the looming split, they are shocked to find themselves transported into the bodies of miniature dolls by a wish from their daughter. What follows is a tale of rediscovery as the couple realizes why they fell for each other in the first place, working as one to overcome symbolic trials in a dreamscape world.

While both stories have meaningful messages and great characters, this one goes to A Way Out. On top of the fact that their relationship tells a less contrived story, the way that Vincent and Leo’s tale ends is enough to give it the victory in this category all by itself. 

Winner: A Way Out

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