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Valheim: How to Heal Health

heal health valheim

Valheim: How to Heal Health

Valheim is the latest mega-hit game to kind of just come out of nowhere and dominate platforms such as Steam and Twitch. It combines elements of survival, exploration, and building genres with a bit of Viking mythology and culture to really give the game some unique flair. If you’re here, you’re likely wondering how to heal health in Valheim. After all, dying is no fun. So let’s stay alive, shall we?

How to Heal Health in Valheim

Valheim at its core is about thriving and surviving. You’ll need to explore the world around you and find ways to survive your day to day, while making your surroundings more hospitable to you.

Along the way you’ll get hurt and you’ll need to find a way to recover your loss health otherwise you’ll eventually die.

To heal your health in Valheim you simply need to eat something. The most readily available sources of food at the beginning of the game are Raspberries and animal meat.

You pick can pick berries from bushes scattered across the starting location, AKA the Meadow Biome.

You can get meat by killing boars and/or deers who roam the nearby woods. You will, of course, need to cook your meat before you eat it.

Keeping a steady supply of food on hand and ready to go when you need it is the simplest way to ensuring that you don’t get killed while out and exploring the world of Valheim.

That’s all you need to know about how to heal your health in Valheim. For more helpful tips, tricks, and FAQs answered for Valheim, check out our extensive guide wiki or our most recent coverage right here, along with a few other helpful guides down below.

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