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Let’s Rank Every Destiny 2 Season From Worst to First

best destiny 2 seasons

Let’s Rank Every Destiny 2 Season From Worst to First

Although not always a part of the Destiny 2 experience, at this point seasons are now a fixture in the game and it appears that will be the case for the rest of its life. Since they are clearly sticking around, let’s look back and rank the best (and worst) Destiny 2 seasons to try and get a feel for what Bungie has got right over the last few years, and what they got horribly wrong.

8. Season of the Hunt

best destiny 2 seasons

Season of the Hunt, packed in with the launch of Beyond Light is the most meh season I can think of. While Season of the Worthy might have been a blow out (which we’ll get to in a second) Season of the Hunt is just so forgettable.

Wrathborn Hunts are just whatever. You do it for the powerful drop until you don’t need them anymore, and maybe you farm a Deafening Whisper or whatever gun you like best from it. It’s basically a much less rewarding version of the Umbral Engrams from Season of Arrivals that centers around an activity that gets very old very fast.

Initially, the idea of tracking enemies was pretty cool, but once you realize there are only very few paths they can take it becomes dull. I just needed to see the first couple of tracks and by then I knew exactly where to go.

The only highlight of this season was the rollout of the Hawkmoon series of quests. While they are quality content, they revolves around getting and upgrading one gun (yet another Hand Cannon). If you don’t like Hand Cannons, then pretty much this entire season is a wash in terms of rewarding content exclusive to Season of the Hunt. At least the story content for Hawkmoon was decent.

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