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Genshin Impact: Where to Find Ji Tong

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact: Where to Find Ji Tong

Update 1.3 is now available in Genshin Impact, introducing Xiao as the new 5-star pull that you can get on this month’s character banner. Aside from Xiao, however, there are plenty of other side activities you can partake in as well, such as the new photo-taking quest in Liyue. Here’s where to find Ji Tong in Genshin Impact.

Where to Find Ji Tong in Genshin Impact

Alongside the Lantern Rite event which kicks off properly on Feb. 10, update 1.3 also introduces the Five Flushes of Fortune photo-taking event that lets you earn small rewards like Mora, leveling items, and primogems. To start the quest, you’ll need to speak with an NPC named Ji Tong in Liyue.

First off, do note that Ji Tong won’t show up in the game until Feb. 3, 4 a.m. server time. This means that if you’re playing on the US servers, for instance, you’ll likely only find Ji Tong a few hours behind the rest of the world.

Once it’s 4 a.m., however, you can head over to Liyue Harbor to speak with him and start the quest. We’ve indicated his location in the screenshot down below, where the player marker is.

genshin impact ji tong

Head over there and speak with Ji Tong, and he’ll hand over a gadget called the Kamera. During the duration of the event, you can then start taking pictures of specific colored objects with the Kamera and turn them in to Ji Tong for rewards.

In addition to that, you can also attempt the quest in co-op mode where you and up to three other friends can explore Teyvat to take pictures. You can even swap pictures with each other if you end up having a colored photo that your friend needs.

That’s all you need to know about where to find Ji Tong in Genshin Impact. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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